Success Cycle

Key to the Success Cycle is your Belief


Everything GSF offers and Gérard is about, is underpinned by this simple, progressive cycle that has seen him build successful companies into $m revenues, Teams and Clubs win Championships and Individuals progress to competing at higher levels.

The Four-Phases can be used in any situation or scenario in your life:

  • Belief - This fuels your potential, if you have a positive belief and you're confident in what you're doing, your potential is greater as you'll see more possibilities whereas if you're belief is negative, your potential is limited and you're already setting yourself up to fail.
  • Potential - this phase is either limitless or limited depending on what your outlook is! It fuels how much 'ACTION' you're prepared to take. 
  • Action - underpinned by your Belief, which means you'll either work or not which determines your Results.
  • Results - are key as if you have negative results and your belief is negative, you'll be convinced that it was never going to work and you'll get what you thought you'd get anyway and this will reinforce that belief. Whereas if your belief is confident and you get the results you're looking for, this will enthuse your belief and you'll take more action! Even if your results aren't great, if your belief is positive, you'll find alternative ways to make it work and continue to take action against adversity.

Put simply, your belief fuels your energy and how much action you'll make. Gérard belief is simple;

"There is 24hours in a day, what you do with those 24hours is down to you!"

"We make time for the things we want to do"

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