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Soccer coaches across all levels of the game share a common and simple dilemma: how best to improve their players. One of the best ways to do this is through improved communication and how we individualise our message to our players.

​Let's Talk Soccer introduces the 'game-calls' meaning game-specific communication (Trigger words) as a methodology designed to enhance decision making among players, helping to paint pictures in the minds of the players on what to do, when, where and why. Central to the game-calls method is brain-centred learning and how coaches can program their words, aligned with their game-style and coaching philosophy, to help players make better decisions and become more organised. Let's Talk Soccer offers coaches a simple resource and framework to guide them in creating their own coaching vocabulary.

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Award-winning Reviews

This book is bursting with intelligent and practical ideas. The cornerstone of Jones communicating philosophy is game calls – calls by players to tell those around them what they should do – and this is explained in thorough detail as is how it should be implemented. There is also a look at a number of other ideas like the non-verbal communication of a coach, how a message is delivered and how best to solicit feedback from the players.
Paul Grech - (Professional Reviewer) 

 This book is a little different from the standard football coaching manuals. The focus isn’t on technique drills or defensive formations and how best to coach them. Instead, the focus is on one very specific aspect of football play and how best to coach it: communication. It is a straightforward concept, but an important one. A coach who is an effective communicator stands a far greater chance of success than one who struggles to convey his ideas. In fact it is essential. (Professional Reviewer) 

What they say

"The ability to communicate effectively and efficiently to players and staff, in such a way that the message paints a picture in the mind of the player - aligned with the Game-style, is a skill that will become the mark of the Future Coach"   Gérard Jones

What they say

Ben Bartlett - Senior FA Youth Coach Educator


Gérard's book is a useful guide for coaches; highlighting and detailing many aspects of coaching practice that can help coaches support young players playing football. There are some particularly good aspects relating to the importance of decision making and the role practice design and competition approaches play in this; additionally covered are ways coaches can support individual players to be less coach dependent and more game responsive.

Radek Mozyrko - Academy Manager Legia Warsaw


It's a good book for soccer coaches. It will make you reflect your coaching. I strongly recommend the book.

Laurie McGinley - FDO Glasgow Girls FC


Great book into the communication of football and the simple commands to help make players better, really recommend it!

Andy Skenfield - Coach York City Foundation & York City RTC

Great book for all coaches at all levels must read.

M. Harrington - Grassroots Coach

Wish I had this book years ago. Designed for youth to 21, this is a good basis to developing a smarter, more communicative player / team.

Charlie - Grassroots Coach

Fantastic book, really helped my development as a coach and I am looking forward to more from Gerard!

Communication Webinar: The use of Game-calls

Let's Talk Soccer Author Gérard Jones shares an insight into his communication methodology of Game-calls through an online webinar for the British Football Coaches Network. 

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