Accredited Grassroots Instructor

Experienced Coach Developer

Gerard Jones US Soccer Grassroots Coach Educator

Gerard Jones is Licensed Grassroots Soccer Instructor, currently working on staff as an Instructor with Eastern NY Youth Soccer Association. 


  • 14+ years experience across all pathways
  • FA UEFA 'A' & FA 'A' Youth Licensed
  • USSF National 'B' Licensed (new OLI curriculum)
  • Former Academy Coach, U21 Assistant & Head of Coaching in professional Soccer in the UK
  • Coach Educator for Football Association of Wales
  • Currently DOC & Staff Developer in NY/CT
  • Published Author in Communication Psychology (Use of Game-calls / Key-words) and Enriched in Play-Practice methodlogy

Learner Centered Approach

US Soccer Coach Education philosophy

Players make decisions on time, space and numbers limitations, which positions that coaching  must represent the game and the scenarios that naturally occur! Throughout every US Soccer Coach, our Coach Education philosophy is no different, if we want self learners and independent thinking soccer players, we need to empower our coaches (adult learners) to make their own decisions  through a reality based approach. 

These three tennets (Reality Based, Experiential Learning and Holistic Approach) underpin not only how we teach the game, they are the CORNERSTONES of the US Soccer Coaching Education Philosophy.

Key Information


 All Grassroots soccer courses can be taken in any order. 

US Soccer runs 2hour online courses across all formats of the game (4v4-7v7-9v9-11v11). 

Each course is positioned with the learner at it's heart! The Instructor / Coach ratio is 1:12 and as close to 1:14 max! 

Each course includes 2hours Field and 2hours Classroom, with real players as participants for our coach candidates to work with, creating a true reality-based environment.

Lifelong Learning


All coaches will be encouraged to self-reflect throughout each course and as part of the completion of each award, each candidate is required to submit a page of experience (reflection) task.

US SOccer Grassroots Courses


Empowering coaches through experiential learning and a player-centered approach

Throughout all courses, our playing development philosophy is mirrored by how we develop coaches by creating an environment that encourages decision making, creativity and problem solving!


All courses are ran through the DCC

To book on a US Soccer Grassroots Course, directed by Gerard Jones - you will enrol through US Soccer's online learning platform (Digital Coaching Center)

All coaches must first register through the DCC by creating a profile and then completing the FREE "Introduction to GR Coaching" online module as this will then enable registration onto any GR course either online (2hours) or book to attend In-Person (4hours) - prices varying.

All online GR Courses are $25pp with In-Person Courses varying depending on the State/Association from $70-90pp.

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US Soccer Course Information

For more information, check out US Soccer Federation's Insight video into the launch of our specialist Grassroots courses and the Play-Practice-Play methodology.

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Additional Information

Game-Based (Reality Based) Methodology

US Soccer Grassroots courses have been uniquely designed to enhance the player experience, with the focused on more 'play-based activities' underpinned by significant research on how players learn and the importance of 'play' in developing self-learners and creativity (Cote et al. 2013; Laudner, 2001; Forsman et al. 2016) .  Players makes decisions on time, space and numbers limitations, and it's important that the coach positions decision making with the 'player' by creating an environment where children can have fun playing the game through a player-centered approach.

Aligned VIsion

Each Grassroots Course (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11) including the D Licence course has been designed in line with US Soccer Player Development Initiatives.

The new Grassroots Licensing Courses will consist of four (4) in-person experiences and four (4) online experiences. Prospective coaches will have the option to engage in any of these new courses – in any sequence – after completing a free online introductory module provided through our e-learning platform Digital Coaching Center (DCC).

Each course introduces the play-practice-play model within a reality based environment.