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The Lifestyle Entrepreneur

Gérard was interviewed for the book by Angela, a well-known  journalist and author on his advice to developing a lifestyle business in 2015. Authors: Cato Hoeben and Angela Neustatter.

Making the Ball Roll

Gérard was quoted in the book on the importance of practices offering players decisions instead of lines and drills in 2014. Author: Ray Power

Young Entrepreneur World

Gérard listed among 25 young entrepreneurs from around the world in 2012. Author: Sabirul Islam

Real Giants of Soccer Coaching

Since being interviewed on the world-popular podcast JustKickinIt, by one of it's hosts and founders Josh Faga, Gérard's coaching insight among of leading coaches around the world was published in a book set to be launched in 2018. Author: Josh Faga.


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Decisions to penetrate in order to create quick, goal-scoring opportunities within the 'Penetration Phase'